Best Examples of Excellent Customer Service

We all love a great customer service story. Learn from iconic brands from around the world as we share some of the best customer service stories that demonstrate truly remarkable customer experiences that go above and beyond the call of duty. LEGO – Awesome Customer Service in Action Seven year old, Luka Apps, loves LEGO […]

10 collaboration tools for modern teams

The amount of tools out there for collaborating with a team is seemingly endless. Email just doesn’t cut it any more. With that in mind, we’ve collected ten team collaboration tools that can work separately or together to make your team communicate better, collaborate more effectively, and get more done. For creative teams: If your […]

Use these live chat guidelines to train your team on using live chat software

In this post I’ll run through some simple guidelines for training staff in how to support customers via live chat. This is intended as a simple starting point.

I’ve also provided a Google Doc which you can use as a starting point to write your own process.

5 customer happiness blogs you should be reading

If you want to build your business by making your customers happier, checking out some of the leadings blogs is a great place to start.

Here is our pick for the top 5 customer happiness blogs and their best articles.

Live chat research – Interview on why people prefer live chat

Here at Helloify, we know how important live chat is, especially when dealing with millennials.

That’s why it was great to see the research company Software Advice produce this report which found 63% of millennials preferred to have their basic customer support questions answered via live chat over traditional channels.

Customer happiness tips from Neil Patel, Elisa Doucette, Robb Bailey and other great entrepreneurs

In the final part of our 5-part Helloify Customer Happiness Stories roundup, we hear from Neil Patel and 9 more entrepreneurs on specific advice on making customer happy.

Customer happiness tips from Piers Ede, Andy Fossett, Eric Dubs and other great entrepreneurs

In part 4 of our Helloify Customer Happiness Stories roundup, we hear from 10 more entrepreneurs on specific advice on making customer happy.

6 ways to improve your service inspired by ‘Delivering Happiness’

‘Delivering Happiness’ by Tony Hsieh is one of the best selling books on customer service in recent years.

In this post, we break it down into 6 specific, actionable steps you can take out of the book and build into your own business.

4 ways to improve your customer service (with data)

Whenever possible, it’s best to make your business decisions off of data. There’s plenty of “wisdom” floating around about customer service, but just because something is said over and over again doesn’t make it true. So what does the data say about customer service, and how to do it better?

Helloify launch: Business messaging reinvented

Gold Coast, AUS: Today Helloify Pty Ltd, an Australian startup, released their multi-platform business messaging app in public beta. Founded by Australian entrepreneurs Luke Ronalds and Dan Norris, Helloify combines the best of live chat and team chat software into a unique messaging experience.