AuthorMichelle Nickolaisen

10 collaboration tools for modern teams

The amount of tools out there for collaborating with a team is seemingly endless. Email just doesn’t cut it any more. With that in mind, we’ve collected ten team collaboration tools that can work separately or together to make your team communicate better, collaborate more effectively, and get more done. For creative teams: If your […]

4 ways to improve your customer service (with data)

Whenever possible, it’s best to make your business decisions off of data. There’s plenty of “wisdom” floating around about customer service, but just because something is said over and over again doesn’t make it true. So what does the data say about customer service, and how to do it better?

How Groove grows at 10% per month by creating lifelong customers

We’ve looked up to Alex Turnbull from Groove for a while in terms of his business, his content and his approach to customers.

In this post we asked him to delve into detail on how he built a 7 figure support app business so quickly by creating lifelong customers.