Add Helloify to your site in 60 seconds

Adding Helloify is easy. Simply generate your code below and add it to the header on your site. Once this is done, you can configure Helloify directly via the button on your website.


Generate site code

Enter your email below and click 'Generate Code' to get your 1 line of JavaScript code.

This code needs to be added between the <head> tags in your site's header file.

Add your site code shown above between your <head> tags in the template file on your site. If you are using WordPress, you can download our WordPress plugin to set it up.
Visit your website and look for the Helloify button in the bottom right hand corner. Click the pencil icon on the button to bring up the configuration screen.


If you would like to get a developer to install Helloify, simply generate the code above and send it to your developer. Once it's installed you can configure it via your own website. If you don't get to it straight away, it will just act as a simple contact form and will send messages to the email address you use above.