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Customer happiness tips from Bronson Taylor, Tim Sae Koo and other great entrepreneurs

In part 2 of our Helloify Customer Happiness roundup, we hear from 10 more entrepreneurs on specific tips for making customer happy.

How Groove grows at 10% per month by creating lifelong customers

We’ve looked up to Alex Turnbull from Groove for a while in terms of his business, his content and his approach to customers.

In this post we asked him to delve into detail on how he built a 7 figure support app business so quickly by creating lifelong customers.

50 of the world’s best entrepreneurs weigh in on how to make customers happy

We wanted to kick the Helloify Customer Happiness blog off with a bang, so we asked 50 smart entrepreneurs for a specific tactic on making customer happy.

It includes advice from Rand Fishkin, John Dumas and more. We hope you like the post.